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If you’re like many people right now, your finances have taken a big hit. Or maybe you are OK for the moment, but are more worried than ever about your financial future.

You will make it out of this, but you may need some help. The traditional financial planning industry is only equipped to help the elite, those with $1 million or more to invest.

Sadly, that locks out the vast majority of hard-working Americans who are still hoping for a secure lifestyle now, and in retirement.

My name’s Kate Stalter, and as a financial advisor and stock-trading instructor I’ve worked with thousands of people to map out their financial futures, career and income strategies, investments and many more financial pathways.

The world is in transition. You can be part of the solution to today’s money problems, by becoming financially free and secure, and able to help your family, your community, and causes around the world that need you more than ever.
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