Just like you, I’ve faced my own financial and business challenges.
I've dedicated myself to helping others bounce back and rebuild after difficult times.

Most financial advisors start out touting their fancy resumes and credentials. Sure, I’ve got those, too, but I’ve learned: Advisors with impressive titles and a bunch of letters after their names are not always the best fit for you.

How am I so certain of that?

Because I’ve been helping people with financial planning, investing, stock trading, and even insurance for the past two decades.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen firsthand how you, the client, cannot get the help you need - at least not easily.

Need help with budgeting? Getting started with investing?

Well, you’re out of luck if you want help from a planner. Most specialize in stock-market investing for millionaires, not helping you become wealthy.

Your advisor may hire college interns to do your financial plan. Yes, I’ve actually encountered more than one situation like that.
Your advisor may work for a big Wall Street firm and is paid to sell you expensive financial products. Yes, that happens with the “friendly” neighborhood guy or gal in the welcoming office. It’s designed to fool you.

Your financial advisor may not have much experience working with people in your situation. Sometimes they don’t have much hands-on client experience at all, and in are way over their heads with complicated questions.

Traditional financial planners aren’t equipped for regular follow-ups. After the yearly review, you’re on your own for another 12 months. If you have a question, you may even have to pay again for that question to be answered.

How is any of that that in your best interest?

Here’s how I know it’s not: I’ve gone the traditional financial servies route. I’ve taught stock trading, been an insurance agent, and even been a financial planner and asset manager.

Traders encourage you to take way too much risk and gamble on the market. Insurance agents will sell you products that you don’t need, just to collect a commission. Financial planners will do a one-time plan which is just a snapshot. Money managers will only help you if you’re already a successful investor.

I’m here to do things differently, to help you in a whole new way, appropriate for the 21st century, post-pandemic world.

Maybe you lost your job or your business, or took a pay cut. Maybe you thought you could start saving for retirement later, but now that looks unlikely.

After years in traditional financial services, seeing clients get the short end of the stick, I became truly independent with a clear mission: Help people rebound from setbacks and rebuild their financial lives.

It’s not easy. Building wealth requires some sacrifice, some discipline, and, these days, ignoring the news and all the different opinions flying at us a mile a minute.

If you’re up for the task of building a better life for yourself and your family, then I’m here to help.

Let’s get started.

Yes, Kate, I’m ready to rebuild my money today.

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